Saturday, August 4, 2012

teddy bears

the one i made
Hi friends!!!
Another great day that god has made!!!!  I didn't sleep 15 minutes last night, hurt all night!!! I didn't get  enough pain pills in me last night and was on the  road to much yesterday.  Arthritis's is a bad bed mate!!!
That top bear i made back when i was single , my sis brought 2 sewing machines and all the stuff to fix bears one year after Christmas  we,me sis,and mel amm,  made bears.   I had a sewing machine at the time . We had a ball, but poor mel couldn't sew so hers was pitiful.  They don't teach that in school any more. 
The one on the bottom is one sis made me for Christmas one year.  Her's was much better then mine .   She made a bunch and that black one is all i ever made.  I think she did it in mohair or mink.
Called sis-in-law this morning and they came over and got nearly a bushel of beans,some hot peppers, corn and a pot holder i made them.
Hubby is watching the race so i am going to get in some sewing.!!!!!!
Good sewing   Quilt Happy

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