Wednesday, August 22, 2012

pink blocks

Hi friends!!!  Really beautiful day here!!!!
I have been sneaking in some other colors to go with pink. It is very hard to make all of them 12 inches but i am trying.  I made a whole lot that was 9 or ten that i will have to find a new use for.
Hubby is enjoying this wonderful weather and getting his weed eating done.    We have not had the air on in over a week . The windows up at night and temps near the 50tys .  It feel like September and it not but a little over a week  till it will be.
We always have a family dinner here in October for hubby's cousins from Texas and GA.
Two of my sweet step daughters help me cook for every one.  So does hubby's sister..  We always have a blast....I clean for days before the day they come....
I put up 6 pints of soup today , have run out of jars!!!  Thank you Jesus  i can quit!!!!  I honestly say i think i have  put up enough for this summer.  I have 64 quart's of green beans.
Didn't count the soup so that's enough of that.   More time to sew!!!
Well love all you friends out there  let's get to sewing.   Quilt Happy

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sewyouquilt2 said...

busy little beaver you are! that is great! i have not put up ONE THING this summer and I will be disappointed come winter for sure.loving the pink in the blocks.