Monday, August 20, 2012

look what i found

Hi friends!!! Great day!!!!
Look what i found.  It's a little ruff and raggedy but can be resewed.  I wonder if maybe  my mother in laws mother made this because it's a whole lot worse than the other two i  have been working on.  Maybe some day i will finish the bow tie quilt.   With all my kids to make for i don't know when that will be.
I brought my sewing machine back out yesterday and made a pot holder , i gave my daughter the last one i made.
Got to go back to sewing pink blocks so one day maybe i will get Thur with it.
I got tired of granny blocks when i was working on my daughter's granny quilt and now i am tired of pink!!! Just wait both of our hatching grands will have girls and i will be sewing pink forever.!!!!
Good to talk to all my friends.   Have a good sewing day  Quilt Happy

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