Monday, August 6, 2012

still working

Hi friends!!!
Wonderful day...
I finished up my cirpo yesterday and though i would feel great today.....  not.   It didn't work  Maybe tomorrow!!!!
I am still making blocks and i will need a lot to make a queen sized quilt.   I used 48 in my daughters quilt.
I have a whole lot more to do!!!!
Trying to find more blocks so i can have a good mix. I am really liking the ones  on this page.
We both have the down in the dumps today so not much going on.
 My sister-in-law went to the long yard sale sat. and found a lady with home made quilts for 10$ each but she didn't buy any, later she though she would buy one a two and somebody had bought them all. I could have kicked her!!!!!
She is around sis and i and doesn't know how much old quilts are worth!!!!
She said you know when you wash them they bunch!!!
I wish she had called me.
But she is a dear any way. she is a really good s-i-l. i love her dearly.  She and my brother have been married for 47 years i think.  I may be wrong but i am close.
Have a good day of sewing my friends    Quilt Happy


Miss Holly said...

Oh!! I was just thinking about you and I looked down and saw your post!!
This is going to be a beautiful quilt!!! I love these two blocks!! And I love the bears you made!
Hot as you know what here and I am ready for cooler weather...made pickles yesterday!
Working on a few new projects ...I will be showing them soon!! Fun stuff!
Sure hope you are feeling better tomorrow!!!!!

laurajane said...

Gorgeous pinks,it's going to be a beautiful quilt.
Laura xx