Monday, August 27, 2012

Today and the giveaway

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  Hi friends !!  Here is the link
So don't forget the giveaway it runs until  the 3th.

I made some more pink blocks and this pot holder and tried free motion quilting on it.    I will have to try that on my pink quilt that i am making for red haired girl.
No sewing yet today, we had to go to town and finish paying bills and get grocery's. 

Pray for the people in Louisiana and Texas because it looks like Isaac is heading right straight at them.
It's the first bad storm we have had this year and is on every body's mind.    It looked like it was coming at us for a while but here in the n. ga. mountions we usually just get bad storms off of it.

 My pot holder is wonky because i was mostly trying to see what i could do. I sent a picture of it to my expert and she said it wasn't to bad.  she  was trying to buck me up so i would keep trying.  And i will keep trying because not matter how beautiful a job a pro could do ,you can't afford it when you are retired.
Well friends have a good sewing day...  Quilt Happy


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

We were blessed that Isaac passed us by in Central Florida. We are thinking of the people in Louisiana and Texas.

OhioLori said...

Yes...storm hitting folk's hard! Praying for sure!

Wanted to say I think you did good job on potholder...looks like you planned the way it is, to be the way it is! I personally think it's very cool! :)