Friday, July 24, 2015

Jessies and Richard's quilt.

Hi friends!
Before we left i laid these out but didn't like it for some reason.
So i added a border around the panel and it works much better.

Added some blocks and think i am going to love it.
When we got home Wednesday  and Tommy got ready for bed we noticed he had a rash on his chest and back so we went to see our family Dr. yesterday. He had a rash caused from something they gave him down there.
When you get older you find a lot of things you have never been allergic to will brake you out.
This morning we had to replace Tommy supply of gas for his toys .
That man loves to cut the grass!
Maybe i will get some sewing done today, it's been nearly a week.
We picked these last night after the sun went off the garden.
I will have to shell them today!
We had so many ripe tomato's that i put up seven pints of them yesterday after we went to the Dr.
My legs are sore from picking peas!
Have a great one .
Quilt Happy


Podunk Pretties said...

The newlyweds are going to love this quilt, great colors. I've been busy with the garden also. Tomatos are starting to ripen now that we've had a few days of sunshine. Luckily the 11 inches of rainfall in the last month didn't ruin the entire garden. I had to pull up all my green beans due to the plants were rotting. I might be able to put in a late crop soon.

sewyouquilt2 said...

my garden is not doing as well. the flowers are great. veggies, not so much. farmers market here I come so I can do some canning. love your quilt.

Gina Loomis said...

I like how the border frames the panel! Nice harvest of peas! Your canned tomatoes look great! Do you can them in a pressure canner or water bath?

Sheryl S. said...

The quilt colours are so pretty, it is going to be lovely

Katherine said...

Great idea to add that border to the center panel, it really adds to the design. Mmmm... I love fresh picked peas and am so happy to see someone else that likes to can! said...

The wuilt is turning out lovely.