Thursday, July 2, 2015

Morning Trip

Hi friends!
The oldest church in our county
Sardis, i believe the sign said 1835.
We went on a road trip this morning, John Deer needed a new gas cap.
The state line, before yesterday it was against the law to sell fireworks in Ga. but they changed it , didn't want to miss out on that money!
I have always loved this place, looks like Tara on "gone with the wind"
Ceder Bluff Ala.!
When we went across the bridge we got behind a man texting with his phone in his face.
Hubby put some distance's between us because he was all over the place.
I made a better picture but it showed his plates. Saving it!
Lily pads on the side of the road!
Lake Weiss!

This is where we were headed, between Centre and Leesburg Alabama!
Lots and lots of green things, Man toys!
Got to get some quilting done now that we are at home.
Have a great day friends.
Quilt Happy


Sandra Walker said...

Love the pics of the scenery. For some reason I had you placed in the western edge of GA, but if you crossed the state line into Alabama, that would put you at the western edge, correct? Ahh, lilypads, lots of those in FL. And boys and their toys...'nuff said! said...

Sweet pictures. Nice little trip.

Needled Mom said...

Ah yes....definitely a man toy shop!

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