Friday, July 3, 2015


Hi friends!
I have been slowly quilting each square.
Practicing my quilting on each one in  different designs.
I like this one!
Seems like that bobbin runs out every 5 seconds.
But winding is easy on this machine , i really should wind a bunch , i did wind a few but quilting two quilts really takes a lot.
Our first tomato from our garden!
We went by Cooks yesterday and got a few.
Some honey with a cone in it for Tommy, he loves them like that , i don't but we had already bought some without.
That's our first one from our garden in the back.
Got a cantaloupe to, it smells good.
This morning for breakfast i made home made biscuit's and we had honey, butter, bacon and eggs with them.
These were left over but not for long. Tommy will eat these with sliced tomato.
To get back to quilting!!!
I don't like much finishing my blocks so i will have to decide whether to make more or add a border soon.
Have a safe and happy Forth friends.
Don't want to lose any of my friends.
Quilt Happy


Needled Mom said...

Your quilting looks great on the blocks. It really does use up a lot of thread.

The first tomato is always so cherished.

Happy 4th to you.

Carol said...

Looks like a yummy melon and tomato!

sewyouquilt2 said...

my plants have tons of flowers but no tomatoes yet :-(

Lesley said...

Nice to see the quilting coming along! Great progress!