Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jessie's and Richard's quilt

Hi friends!
I sandwiched their quilt but couldn't start quilting because the bobbin case on my Brother 1500 broke!
At the end i liked about 4 inches so i will have to add battening before i quilt it. And it's queen sized battening.
But look what came this morning!

So now i can finish her quilt and quilt it .  Hope i get through with it by Sunday to carry it to her and her new hubby.
This came to!
I broke my small cutter that  i really loved and used  all the time.
So i ordered me a new one and got some kona white because i use it all the time in my quilts. Going to stay at home today .
We went to a sergeant yesterday to set up the surgery , ran some errands and bought some groceries.
So i didn't get any sewing done!
Going to do some today!
Quilt Happy

1 comment: said...

I like the olfa cutter. I like the olfa splash better and have 2 of those but they are my favorite. Glad your machine parts arrived. Have you used the Supreme Slider yet?