Tuesday, May 15, 2012

birthday party

this is how i did mother's day.  my daughter cooked for us and had a birthday party for our next to oldest g-grand.she was going to have a cook out but it poured, we got 21/2 inches...
she also gave me a picture of all her family and some money for fabric!!!!! yah!!!!
we got gracie two little short sets with matching flip flops
my son called and told me happy mothers and that they would be up for jessie's graduation also his birthday.and i got to talk to my tatarbug and addie lou who.
redhaired girl came and told me she loved me and gave me a card and i got  a card earlier this week from hubby's oldest girl and she thanked me for her birthday present i gave her easter.
well less go sew some more grannies , i just like one more row and will have the flimsy made and will post a picture.
happy sewing          quilt happy

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