Friday, May 4, 2012


so far so good
 the only think i have sewed today was straps on a prom dress and fix a mess up that someone that does it for a living did.
our sweet 15 year old granddaughter dress didn't have straps and found out that they had to have straps. so her mother took it to someone that does that and when she got it back the straps was too short and pulled an already too short dress up way to high for her mommy. so they called me and i fixed it. they left pleased but her mother said[ i wish we could add a big ruffle on the bottom.] but that's not going to happen!!! the prom is tomorrow night
 they are going to bring her by here so we can see her in all her finery
they didn't leave until 8:30 so we popped a pizza in the oven and had a late supper
we should have a day of sewing tomorrow but you never can tell hubby's going to cut the grass that he didn't get to do today so maybe  i will have some time to sew

talk to you later folks    quilt happy

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Jan-Maree said...

Bet the prom princess was glad you could help