Tuesday, May 22, 2012

look what i found. you know i told you about the big farm in our county that has big trailers with tomato's planted in cups on them and when it's cold they put them in shed's? well we payed them a visit today and they had these and of course we bought some. after a long winter of cardboard tasting tomato's and then all spring those that they pick green in Florida and put in trucks and then gas them so they will turn and i hate gassed tomato's, i was so happy to get some of these. we came home and made us some sandwiches hubby's with cheese and mine with just mayo and salt.

i can't eat cheese and mayo without getting sick at my stomach so no cheese. but that sandwich was so good.
i can't wait till ours come in. they are even better .
I'm better today had to rest some yesterday but we really enjoyed seeing our kin folks and catching up on each other's life.   and seeing my aunt that has been on chemo, she was slim but she is Thur with her treatments so maybe she will start putting on some weight.
got my quilt pinned today, getting it ready to quilt.
a storm came up and it rained for over an hour. we got nearly 1/2 inch and sense hubby planted peas Saturday we needed it. we sat out on our back porch and just watched it rain , the temp dropped till we had to get us a long sleeve shirt.
 well good nite sweet friends   quilt happy


Jan-Maree said...

Glad you got the rain!

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Eu adoro tomates frescos,você tem razão em dizer dos tomates viajados.Melhoras para sua tia,esses tratamentos são desgastantes.Não estou te vendo nos sorteios,será que você está entrando antes ou depois de mim?.Beijos.