Wednesday, May 16, 2012

many things

poor old hubby , he worked so hard last week that he is taking it easy for a couple of days and then he will be back to mowing.
i made me a little sewing case, none of my girls sews so i can't make them one for a gift.
they say "i wish i could sew" but ain't really interested in doing it.
still working away on my quilt top can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
i am working on a binding for my bow tie quilt and after i sew it on i will hand sew it on the back.

our neighbor fell last sat. with some heavy something that he uses for work. he is 75 years but thinks he can't stop working. his 3th wife died 5 years ago. we didn't know any thing had happened till we heard the siren. he has a helper that works with him. and between his helper and his girls and my hubby they talked him into going to the hospital.  2 brakes in his pelvis, his fiance  came home with him to take care of him. she is 50 years old. hubby said "this will tell the tale".. well she lasted 2 days and they broke up. now he is hoping he will get the 2500.00 ring back, good luck with that, he goes for the much younger women looking for a sugar daddy. and sense he has a business they think he is it.
it takes all kinds in this world
good sewing           quilt happy


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Olá,sua colcha rendeu bem e ficou linda,quero ver a próxima,tenha um ótimo dia de costura.

Jan-Maree said...

sorry to hear about your neighbour. I hope he is on the mend soon.