Tuesday, May 8, 2012

flowers and the moon

our tree is blooming for only the second year, daughter a bought it for her father on father day or his birthday 9 years ago because it takes 7 years to bloom.
he is on the porch and painting the under side of the roof and it's 15 by 50 feet so he will be on the couch tomorrow. i know i would..  
i forgot to show jodi's name that hubby pulled out sunday so here is the proof
went out side sunday night and took a picture of our big moon that was the best my poor little camera would do, and i had to change the settings many times to get that
 i have several of these . this one i dug up in the ditch where it had washed from our yard at some time in the past we also have rose bushes that his grandmother planted down the hill , i will get a shot of those one of these days to show you , it is all in the trees.
 am having the hardest time with my quilt , i even put it on the bed to line up the squares before i pinned it and it still came out wrong.
now i am going back to it and fight some more

have a happy  sewing day             quilt happy


Miss Holly said...

Oh...I've had a few battles with quilts in my day! THANKYOU so much for stopping by Seaview cottage and becoming a means the world to me...really. I appreciate everyone that stops by. I love your site and I love your quilt!!! I think your moon picture is wonderful....I wish I had taken one!! Well...thanks again..and I look forward to following you!!!

Jodi said...

Great post! I hope your hubs isn't too sore tomorrow. All I can think is what a sore neck he will have - ugh! Beautiful flower pics. And thanks again for my win of those FQs!