Thursday, May 17, 2012


my computer has gone crazy!!  i had microsolf free on it that they put on it the last time it went to the shop.
but the first of the week it shut itself off and now it wants 99 dollars per year and so i took it off and got another one but it  left a pop up that is worrying the hound out of me. does any one know what i can do to get it fixed without   taking it to the shop?
i have my quilt top finished just spreading over every thing and pining it now.  my other one was so small i didn't have as much trouble spreading it out with out wrinkles. any tips on that?
went and spent my money from my daughter and couldn't find but 2 pieces of fabric that i liked. so i got some more pins and thread and the batting for her quilt. i also bought a new sheet for the bottom.   should i wash it before i put them together?
if you don't hear  from me you will know my computer is in the shop
good sewing                         quilt happy

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