Thursday, May 31, 2012

stiching a way

i have been stitching away , i started Sunday and did 5 blocks.  i counted them this morning and i have done 15.   that leaves 37!!!  maybe i will have them done and binding done but i don't know how!!!
i haven't picked out the binding yet. may do  it with that green.

maybe during the race Sunday i can do a bunch. i hope so, i may have to watch the Saturday race too to even get close to finishing it by the 8th.

when we went to jo-anns i wonted a tumbler ruler but they were out, so i got me a hexagon. i can't wait to try it out.

we may have storms later today, keep our garden in your prayers.  we don't need any hale. got my first squash today so i know what i am cooking for supper.  we have blooms on every thing in the garden except the peas and we just planted them 10 days ago.
i hope daughter will like it when she gets it , i know i have put the work and tears into it.
she has a 17 year old daughter and today she said on face book that she wished i had locked her up in a closet when she was 17. she must wont to lock her daughter in it. granddaughter has a boyfriend, or as they say now she is in a relationship.
talk to you tomorrow good sewing         quilt happy


Miss Holly said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! This is just beautiful!!! I am so impressed!!! I promise to pray for the garden....and that you will finish in time!! I hope the next thing you make you can do over a longer time so,you can really enjoy it...the quilting is my favorite part!!!! Can't wait to see it done!!!

Jodi said...

It's beautiful, and what progress you're making! Good luck with the granddaughter! My mom should have locked me in the closet, too! I used to think she didn't know what I was up to, but alas, not that she's gone, I realize she probably knew all too well! Thanks for sharing, and I pray for just a nice light rain for your plants!

Doniene said...

This quilt is so very cheerful!! what a treasure!! Good job!!

Jan-Maree said...

She is going to love it because it is beautiful and you made it for her.
Good luck with the grand daughter AND your rain.