Friday, May 18, 2012

hi folks       i have the sheet in the washer right now, don't want it to draw up when she puts it in the washer. and i am going to check all the seams to make sure they are strong enough to withstand kids.

do you see those sewing machine things , i don't really know what you call them.. my mother-in-law had 2 in her old sewing machine full of needles.
and there is a picture of them in better homes and gardens" grandma's best quilt patterns" that i bought when we went to mckays. we will go again in the next few sister will take another week of vacation soon.

we are going to my mother's family Reunion Sunday. so i will be cooking tomorrow.but i will post pictures of our garden and it is really growing. that place i told you about that starts planting  early , well i called them Thursday and they said they might have red maters Saturday so i will call them again. i would love a mater sandwich . for folk's that are not from the south  that is tomatoes.

well good sewing friends and so glad that you are friends!!!!!    quilt happy


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Olá,que bom que você terá férias em família,aproveite.Eu não sei o nome oficial,mas é muito interessante.Un beijo.

Jan-Maree said...

Your quilt top looks gorgeous! Well done!