Friday, May 25, 2012

friday finish?

my Friday finish at least it will be when i sew up the top.
yesterday i moved my table in the dining room around and today i have vacuumed all the rugs in the house and cleaned them, now i am waiting on them to dry.  tiring not to step on them.
haven't used my shampooer in a while and usually i bump my shins with it when i  am  trying to carry it around. but today i got hung in the cord. got it wrapped around my leg and fell into the door facings now i have a bruised knee. tomorrow i will put my granny quilt in the dining room floor and spray basted it. the rug was just to dirty to put the quilt down like it was.
hubby is cutting grass so i got a lot done .
the bottom picture is my only daughter giving her grand daughter a present at her birthday party.
 she is on her way to my son's with 7 of my grandkids so i am worried. it's a 2 1/2 hour drive. son knows i will not go out in his boat so he didn't invite tomorrow i will worry about them being out in the boat but she will be home sat. late because they are going to my bothers for a cook out Monday.
she had never driven off any where until year before last when she went to Fla with a boy friend.
and last year she went 2th once with all seven and once with her son and his girlfriend.
when i was single i drove all over , to Fla, many times but being a mother i will worry .
 good sewing friends       quilt happy

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