Thursday, May 10, 2012

the garden and a pillow

our garden is looking good but the weeds are coming on strong. hopefully it will dry out by sat. and hubby can get his tiller in there. . tomorrow hubby will cut grass . that takes most of a day
got to go tomorrow and find some thing cute for our greatgrand   gracie , she was 3 yesterday but her grandmother is giving her a party on sunday.  and of course we will get to see tucker our other greatgrand on my side of the family. i will have pictures to show next week.  love my babies!!!!
next month on the 1th my son will be 42 and on the 8th my daughter will be 46. man i am getting old!!
hubbys girls are 43, 40 39, and 38
my boys that died would be 51 and 49 now if we still had them here with us.  i wish you could call heaven.
i would love to talk to them.
now i am making my self cry so i will shut up and get back to sewing. i made a thing but you know me i am going to un sew it a little.
good sewing     quilt happy

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tubilinha tiacarminha said...

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