Tuesday, July 17, 2012

charm swap and my sewing place

Hi friends!!  My sewing place is the dining room table and it's a mess because i am making blocks for red haired daughter a quilt and pondering Christmas projects.
Their is a charm swap going on at craftnursequilt  go and check out her blog. she is a really sweet person.
i think i won something from her but don't really remember. i have been getting her blog so long i think i know her.  Anyway check out her blog please.
Red haired girl came by a while ago and gave the thumbs up on her quilt blocks. so everything is go.
Not canning today, had to have a day of rest with my back.  I picked up that heavy cannier full of water last Friday and pulled a muscles but it is getting better thanks to hubby picking it up and emptying it ever sense. and he rubbed down my back with bio-freeze a couple of nights. So i think i will live.
He is trying to cut the south forty in between showers so i have to keep a watch out to make sure he stays safe. Don't trust tractors.
Don't forget check that blog i mentioned .. Good sewing       Quilt Happy

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laurajane said...

Lovely blocks.You have been busy with all that bottleing.
Look after yourself,Laura x