Thursday, July 5, 2012

need rain

This is our yard without rain for 3 weeks  and 5 days!!!!   It rains all around us but we haven't seen one drop.

I have been making the same blocks so they are not interesting.
I am about ready to get out there and do an Indian rain dance. i have Indian blood in me so it might work.  my great grandmother was a full blooded Indian.   I was told when i was a kid that she was an Indian princess's so i guess that makes me royalty.
 Yippee my spell check is fixed!!!!
I though they had forgot , i sent the feedback quite a few days ago.
If we don't get rain soon we will be a desert!!!  Hubby waters the garden twice a week and will as long as our well doesn't run dry, it has before. Tomorrow i will have enough ripe tomato's to start canning. then i will put up soup too. I have never canned soup but with my trusty Internet i ought to be able to do it.
 well got to go and sew   good sewing to you    quilt happy

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Miss Holly said...

Oh my that is dry.....I just hate it when it gets that way....we are hot but have been getting some rain...I am out of commission right now ...I have ruptured a disk in my neck and am good for nothing....I just hurt ....I am so upset but there is nothing I can do...have to see a neurosurgeon next week...oh well ,,,lots of people are worse off than me so I have to keep that in perspective!!! I say some rain prayers!!