Monday, July 9, 2012

home sweet home

  Hi friends!! Good to see  you!!!!  This is what i have been doing today, taking a basket of tomato's and canning them.
We went to see my brother yesterday and carried them some  tomatoes , squash and cucumbers. and a pot holder, just because.  My brother and my hubby are having a birthday this month, so we are going to have a breakfast for supper later on this month at our house,  one weekend that sis is up.  She works in athens ga. and has a home down there , she also has a home here and comes up every other weekend.   I will have to make her some pot holders!!!!
More news!!!  Our youngest daughter's hubby was married   before and has a son by that marriage, he is close to 30 and has been married so long that we didn't think they would have any kids.  But they are pg!!!   So that's another crochet blanket and another baby quilt that i will be making.
I was going to make red haired girl's quilt  in stars but then i though that if her's was prettier then one of those that i am going to make for her sisters's some ones feeling's would be hurt, so i think i will go back to a sampler quilt.   That will be easier on me and should make everyone happy.
Must get to work  Good sewing friends    Quilt Happy

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Miss Holly said...

Oh...lots to be happy about!!! I have only picked 6 tomatoes so far... You got a lot with that basket!!...and a baby!!!!! Nothing better!!!