Thursday, July 26, 2012

our grandson

Hi friends!!  Great to see you.
Our grandson came to show us his 'toy'  yesterday.    Something for us to worry about!!!!! 
He is 22 and has a three year and another on the way, and he would have got one that went faster but his wife told him no!!!  He works at the prison here in our county and said he had a dangerous job so he might as well drive something dangerous as well.
What do you do with them?    I would never get on one of those things.   They call them crotch rockets.  Too many least he said he was not letting his brother's get on it.  They would destroy it and them self's.
If i wasn't already grey haired this would turn me that way.
Wont say any more than that!!! 
I will get to sewing to calm down.  Have a good sewing day    Quilt Happy

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