Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hi friends!!!  So glad god gave us another day.    We went to see hubby's sister today.  We carried them tomatoes and squash.   Yes we are still getting squash, a few every day.
Hubby always says 'we are not staying long' but his idea of not staying long is in hours.  Only 3 hours today.
I never say 'are you ready to go'
When we got home he turned on the weather and they said storms tomorrow and sat. So now hubby is out side cutting the grass.   He must have the grass cut for the weekend.
Need less to say i have done nothing today.  No sewing or canning but i   miracle gro the garden as soon as the sun went behind the trees.
I have got to get back on the tread mill because i haven't been on it sense Friday when i hurt my back.  But it's a whole lot better now .  Must get some work done   Love you guys   Good sewing    Quilt Happy

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