Wednesday, July 11, 2012

look what i won from beaquilter

  hi friends    just look at this pile of fabric i got form .  i won a gift   coupon from  beaquilter a couple of weeks ago.
bea is one sweet person, she was so help full and i bothered her no end i know.  and her nearly ready to have that baby.
she had a giveaway and picked my comment and let me know right away.
this blue is for pot holders.
this is for a Christmas project that i wont to do. this is for red haired girls quilt.and i can't say enough about they sent me an e-mail one day and i got this the next.  when you run out of fabric and need it right now they are the ones to go to.
that rain sure did some good to my garden and it really needed it. hubby can water all he wonts but rain is what makes things grow, all he can do is keep it alive until it rains . a good thing we have a well besides city water.
well i must get back to work!!! good sewing my friends   quilt happy

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