Monday, July 2, 2012

waiting for the ice cream
they knocked the ball out of the pool

these are the pot holders i made for baby s-girl

 Hi  friends   Good to" see"  you. We had a really good time at the cook out but came home before the fireworks because the heat  got to hubby.
My daughter made it to fla. ok, she text me about 6 oclock, she got stuck in rush hour  and did the last 30 miles at 5 miles an hour.  They are staying a week so i look for some crispy kids when they get back.I hope she took a gallon of sun screen!!! She will need it with all 7 kids going out in the sun to the beach every day. she said the high there was 89.
We are staying in out of the heat .  It just reached 98 today,  but that is still to hot for 'old' people like us.
Hubby watered good friday night but my beans are about gone. There was storms last night but no rain for us. I guess hubby will have to water again tonight, maybe that will bring the rain.
I have put colors together and changed them and changed then again and can't find any combo that i like. I guess i will have to go shopping.
So for i have only made 4 blocks for red haired girls quilt that i like.  I think i will make 2 halfs of her quilt and quilt them and then sew them together.  My machine doesn't like a queen sized quilt but doesn't mind a half one.
Well i have to get busy. Good sewing    Quilt Happy

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