Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sunday dinner

Hi friends!!
This is after dinner and A and her family had to leave early because hago had to play ball in another town. By the way they won the tournament. He is 11 years old!!   He lives and breathes for sports.!!   He plays baseball,football, basketball, and he runs in races.  That boy has lots of energy!!! And he is smart.
I dreamed last night that i was sewing so that's telling me to sew.  I had put my sewing machine up sat. for the supper and dinner.
Yesterday hubby carried me to the Dr.,  i had another uti and  I'm  now on cipro  .  It makes me feel good for a couple of days and then it drags me down.   Hubby can't breath in the air outside since that fire is still burning so he has to stay inside.
Grand kids always go to the computer so that was where the rest was.
I am putting up 9 pints of soup today and intend to sew some too
Good sewing friends    Quilt Happy

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laurajane said...

Looks like you all had a great time,keep well.Keep hubby inside away from the smoke.
Happy sewing.
Laura xx