Monday, July 23, 2012

sew ing

Hi friends!!!  Another glorious day!!!   It's hard to believe that that 3th and the 4th is the same.
 But it is !!   I took jack the ripper to it many times.  That's when you know it's time to quite trying to sew . You are to tired. I ripped it apart and went back an ripped it again.
We went to buy groceries today and then i put up some more salsa.  So no sewing today.
Tomorrow we go pay bills and go shopping for things for the house. I think we will try to vote in early voting to tomorrow.
But i think i know which way this quilt is going.   Got some pale pink to do the sashing and i think i will put little squares at each corner of the block.
I still like doing my wonky stars to go with the one i have done, then i can start putting together red haired girls quilt.
Good sewing friends    Quilt Happy


Miss Holly said...

You are amazing!! I've still got the bloody neck thing going on so I am not getting things done as I would like too....
The garden is really producing now!!! ( not like yours though). We are quite a bit behind you ...our tomatoes are just coming in and that is early for here! Pickling cukes are starting..I usually do about 20 quarts of dill pickles.!! We are just finishing the last jar from last year!!

Karen H said...

Love the potholder..... that fabric is really cute! Stay cool! :)

laurajane said...

You never sit still.LOL.I know what you mean about unpicking though,my ripper is my best friends these days.
Laura x

KatieQ said...

I envy you already putting up salsa. We still don't have any red tomatoes.I like this block a lot. I bet it would make a great secondary pattern.

Darrin Melot said...

Love the potholder..... that fabric is really cute! Stay cool! :)