Friday, July 20, 2012

Hi friends!  Another day that god has blessed us with.
My wall is filling up and i have two more blocks nearly ready to pin there. I have two more i need to makes some more of and then i will start putting it together.
We will be shelling peas sometime next week, they are nearly ready.and the green beans are putting on like it was spring. 
 Made some salsa today, 3 quarts and one pint.  i make mine weaker then it calls for because i can't stand it real hot.  Hubby has got to where he can't either.
Hang in there Good sewing   Quilt Happy


Miss Holly said...

Wow!!!! Your quilt looks wonderful!!! I can't believe how much you have done..and all your are putting me to shame...I am still out of commission because of my neck...dieing to d o a project but just not up to it...we finally cooled off here! Thank God...I am not a lover of heat...have a great weekend!!

laurajane said...

Lovely collection of blocks,can't wait to see it stitched.
Laura x