Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blue baby quilt

Hi friends!!
Beautiful day!
Don't you love the sun shining Thur from the back of the quilt top?
It measures 31 by 32. Is that big enough?  I like it the way it is. I though about putting different  fabric on all sides. using this fabric. I like it!!!
We are going to have a new baby in sis-in-laws family.  Her grand son  and his wife are having another. They have a little girl.    Lizzy is not quilt 3 yet.  So i get to make another baby blanket and quilt!!! Yahhh!!!O
 Our neice  the grandmother, had a heart transplant 5+ years ago.  We have been so glad she got to have grandkids.. She died before they could get her in the operating room but they keep her alive until they got her new heart in place. She was 40.  Now she is a happy 45.

My sis-in-law only had two kids only 3 grandkids and this will make her two  greatgrands.  She is wayyy behind us.
 We are truly  blessed!!!
Of course having 5 girls and one boy made us blessed first!!!
Have a great day  Friends.   Quilt Happy

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