Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall and pink quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
Had to show some fall pictures.
I have sewed my quilted panels together.  There is one place that i need to unpick because it puckered right where i quilted it. But then all i need to do is find some thing for the binding.  It will take a lot so i may have to buy some.  My pink sparkly  isn't big enough .
I may have enough of that faded pink that i used on the saching, i will have to see.
I am using a vine and leaf stitch to quilt.
Guess what i have looked everywhere for my book i got with my sewing machine and i finally find it.  Now i can figure out how to  use  the   thread   thing that is suppose to thread your needle.  We shall see!!!
Blogger has messed up my reader!!!!!  I have not been able to read it since yesterday!!!
It keeps saying that i don't have any blogs on my list!!
I had a couple of hundred.  How do you lose something like that?
Well got to find my red felt and see if i have some binding. have a great day.   Quilt Happy


Gill said...

Let me know if you get your blogs back because I'm getting the same message as you! What's going on????

laurajane said...

Beautiful quilt Barbara.hope you sort your blog out soon.xx

Miss Holly said...

I've had that happen on my site too...then it just seems to sort itself the quilt!!! You are amazing..I can not believe how much you get done!!!!!