Friday, October 19, 2012


Hi friends!!   Beautiful day!!!
Day 19 of blogtoberfest!!!!  So far so good!!
I wonted that owl fabric, and you know there is a law against buying just one!!  Besides they were on sale.
I love jaqs fabric.
Lot's of pretties to play with..
These are for next weeks giveaway!!   3 fat quarters and nearly 1/2 yard of angels.  I think i will start it Monday and let it run until Halloween.   How does that sound?
Have a great day , my grandkids are coming to spend the night tonite, i know i will have fun!!!
Quilt Happy


Tracee said...

Beautiful fabrics, your doing well with Blogtoberfest.

laurajane said...

Good going with the blogtoberfest.
Have fun with the kiddies.xx

Miss Holly said...

Oh I was talking about you today!!! I was telling someone why I love the blog world so....because you meet wonderful people that love many of the same things you do ...and if it weren't for this great thing I would never have known you and a bit of your is really a great thing!!
So happy you have the grand babies!! Lucky you!!
I am working on knitting...something I really have never done a great deal I am working hard to get it under my belt!! If things go well I will " pull a rabbit out of my hat!!!". I'm knitting a bunny.....hopefully...we shall see!!!! Have a wonderful time with your darlings!! Xxx

sewyouquilt2 said...

I agree Miss Holly. I have "met" some wonderful quilters through blogs and common projects. quilters are the best!

Barbara have fun with the grandkids. they grow up too fast! enjoy them while you can.

I am still sewing away for my 12 days of Christmas. Hoping I can finish it all in time. will do some marathon sewing production line style after cutting out like projects to make it go faster. Pillowcases that are Christmassy will be nice for them to use the week leading up the the big day.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Those owls are just too darn cute! Have fun...