Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 29 and my giveaway

is this not great quilting?

a beautiful quilt

beautiful quilt and my sis

Hi friends!
Nasty day  , cold and windy , of course fifty's are not really cold but that wind off of sandy is making it feel like it is.
My sis came over Saturday and brought the most beautiful quilt's.
Who would have though that black and roses would go together so beautifully?
I fell in love with that black and roses!!!
It's a large lap quilt and that's not all she brought but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see  what else and believe me it is worth the wait.
That amazing quilting just floors me.    But i will never be able to do that, however i would be happy to be able to machine quilt mine.   Some day maybe!!!
Have a great sewing day   Quilt Happy


Kelli said...

Cute giveaway fabrics and yes, that black with roses is beautiful! Hope you are staying dry over there. Sandy is probably north of you now, right? Hope so!

laurajane said...

The quilt is lovely,and yes that quilting is wonderful,wouldn't it be great to able to do that.
Laura xx

Danice said...

I clicked the giveaway link, and it says I do not have permission to view that page. Since this is the last day, can you please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks for joining my giveaway also :)

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Quilting to you - hope you are not near the storm. sandie

Marjorie Nath said...

Lovely giveaway. Your sister's quilt is great and the quilting on it is fantastic.