Monday, October 8, 2012


Hi friends!! Cold , cloudy, has been raining weather.
I am drinking hot chocolate tiring to get warm.
I added on to my baby blue quilt top. And made hubby a knee pillow, his knee's  hurt at night  So i made him one to fit between his knee's.
We are having company  all day Wednesday. The girls will come over when they can but i will be cleaning and cooking today and tomorrow.  We do this every year, hubby's cousins from texas drive up to his cousins in blue ridge to spend the week and they all come down here to stay all day.  We feed them lunch and dinner. And spend hours catching up. I will post that morning and my other blog   "sew we go"  will not post that day.  But this one is doing blogtoberfest 2012 so i will do it.
 The best part is our youngest and her hubby will be marrried 20 years that day and she wants her kids to spend that night with us so they can have a date night..  Love to have the grandkids!!!!!
Well must get busy... Have a wonderful day  Quilt Happy

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Miss Holly said...

Hello from Paris!!!!! Rainy here too!! Your quilt looks wonderful!!have a wonderful time with all your family!!