Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas part 2

Hi friends!
This is what my wonderful kids got me for Christmas!  My daughter got me all that great sewing stuff and a bag so i can carry it where ever i go.  Some more rulers , a new cutter and man it is so much better than the cheap one i bought to get started.  Those paper packs are kits to print something on to put in my quilts.  haven't tried that yet because my ink is so low.
My darling son and his beautiful wife got me a Kimble fire because they know i love to read.  Of course that was all i had the 2 weeks my computer was in the shop and i finally figured out how to post but couldn't load pictures.  My first computer was given to me by my daughter in law. her father was upgrading his computer system and was going to throw it out so she got me one, i had to get it fixed to go on the Internet but that is how i got started.  I had taken some classes in the early 90ies but never could afford a computer.
You can see i had a great christmas
I love all of my kids but these three are mine and i love them a little bit more or maybe a whole lot more.
Well got to get to sewing, i made 4 blocks yesterday and just have enough red for 3 more blocks then i must find something that will go with it to sash it.

Have a great sewing day  Quilt Happy


Jodi said...

What a great family you have, Barbara! Have fun sewing!

laurajane said...

Great gifts off your lovely family Barbara.
Laura xx

Anonymous said...

you certainly had a nice Christmas. Enjoy all the new goodies!