Saturday, January 26, 2013


 Hi friends!
Beautiful day.
I have two big totes full of scraps so i worked on cutting them up yesterday.

A pile of  3 inch squares and some 5 inch squares and my bigger pieieces
 that i will save for projects.  Also i bag for strings for a someday string quilt.
  I won a giveaway on 'world of charity stitching'  from pellon.  Just when i found out that we are having another  great grand.  Yes that's battening for a baby quilt!!!!
When these 2 due the next few weeks and that one due in august  we will have 10 great grands .
 And some  more things to play with..
Have a great sewing week end....  Quilt Happy


laurajane said...

A scrappy quilt then Barbara.
I'd like to make one myself this year,use up the mountain of scraps I have.xx

Quilt Link said...

i'm with you. already cut pieces don't collect dust.