Wednesday, January 16, 2013


i love this flimsy

Hi friends!
Still raining!
That pot holder is all i sewed yesterday.   Mostly read and spent time with my hubby but i can only stand so much  t v.
See my new fridge?   We got one before my kids came to exchange gifts for christmas.  Didn't get the one with a freezer in the bottom because i am to old to hang into a freezer and try to get stuff in the back.  Hubby had to take the tile up where the other freezer sat. It was wet under it and all the tile was loose .  Now why would they sale you some thing that will ruin your floors?
I finished  that quilt top, but it's so pretty and so big i am seriously thinking of keeping it for my bed.
All it would need is a little blue added to the sides  to be the same size as that comforter on my bed and it's king size.
Have a great sewing day.   Quilt Happy


Anonymous said...

It is very cheerful looking. Frig looks nice.

Miss Holly said...

Oh that quilt is gorgeous!!!!!!! I think you should keep deserve one that you made!!! Love a new fridge...everything is so clean!!! For a while!!