Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hi friends!
Sunny but cold here today!
As you can see i have quilted my no name quilt .  All i like is sewing on the binding and i think i am making that in the red..  I love my sewing machine!  The singer i had last year wasn't set up for quilting but this one is and the opening is big enough for a rolled up quilt to fit thu.   I want to try some free motion quilting  soon.
that's that quilt i started for Alisha and it's to big so since i love it i added on to it it and made it for us.
The man across the street has been feeding some pigs with some friends of his and they are down in the pasture right now killing one so hubby just had to go and see if they are doing it right.   Years ago he and his father used to do that every year.
I remember my first hubby did that once but that was the end of that.  It was to messie for him and no one would eat what they thought of as a pet.
Hope every one has a lot of time to sew today.  I know what i will be doing.
Love to mall my followers.   Quilt Happy

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laurajane said...

Love all those gorgeous bright colours.