Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday finish

Hi friends!Dreary day!
I really finished this and took these pictures on Wednesday   But was saving it so i could join in finish it Friday.
we sleeped under it last night and it's so warm.   The heaviest quilt i have ever done and i haven't washed it because i don't know whether my washing machine will hold it.  It's king size!
I have washed king sized comforters in my washer so i may try it later.
They have said we would get some ice today but i think they are wrong,  most of it is north of us.  Of course i have kids in it and am worried about them all, but maybe it want be so bad.
Being retired we have to freedom to stay at home when the weather is bad.  But i remember driving to work in a solid sheet of ice.  When i got there i swore i would never do that again.
I am cooking a big pot of soup  for us to eat.   You know when it's this cold outside  you can't get warm.
 Hope you have a good sewing day.  Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

Yum on the soup and I love your quilt. Unwrapped my machine. No CD - will look at it tonight.

laurajane said...

Another lovely quilt Barbara.
Enjoy your soup.xx

andsewon said...

Done and on the bed! Awesome! We have snow and ice. Sun may melt it some today but temps still bitter out! 40 will feel like shorts weather after this horrid cold snap we have had here!