Monday, January 28, 2013

Davids quilt

Hi friends!
Nice day!
I entered this quilt on the quilting gallerys ' beginnings'.   I voted for it last friday but it may be over with now.  I just wanted to put that quilt on something and i did.   When i was voting it had 4 votes.  Which is pretty good for me not to get people to vote on it.
Maybe next time i will know more about it and can push it for more votes.
I found this pattern in with my bag of old craft stuff and am making  red work out of it.  I had had the pattern for 16 or 17 years so it did good for that much age, i was surprised that i transfered at all.  It did so good i now have it on my ironing board cover.
Went to see my aunt Louise today, she is in the nursing home recovering from a stay in the hospital.
She is just as bright and chipper as always and she is 91 years old.  She will be able to come home soon, she has to get her upper body strengh back.
Got to get busy love all my followers.   Quilt happy


Chatty Crone said...

If I had known I would have voted for you.

Miss Holly said...

I'm voting now!!!!!! Love it!! And the redwork is going to be wonderful!!!!!!! I adore redwork....we got a little snow today...last week it was 4 degrees and wed. It is going to be 60!!!!!