Monday, January 21, 2013


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I finished my blue quilt.  I fought it all day sat. and finally won.   Sewed on the white binding sat. night and got her in the washer and dryer and on our bed that night!
Hubby loves it.  It's so warm and toasty.
My cousin died and we went to the funeral home last night.   He was 64 and always took care of himself.    But he was on the heart transplant list for over a year and just couldn't last long enough.   I think i told you about our niece that's heart gave out and she was in her early 40th.  She got her heart and on the way to the operating room she died .  But they kelp her alive long enough to wheel her in and now she is enjoying life with her 3 year old grand daughter.   With another on the way.
It's amazing what they can do.
But i think that his age worked against him.  I think if you are younger and in good health other wise they will get you one faster.  I could be wrong but that's the way it appears.   I know he needed something else done and they wouldn't put him on the list until he had that taken care of.
Well enough sad news.
Have a great sewing day.   Quilt Happy


laurajane said...

Love the quilt Barbara,lovely to have it finished and on the bed.
Very sorry to here about your cousin.
Laura xx

Anonymous said...

my condolances Barb. Your quilt looks great.