Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow maybe

Hi friends!
I have been working away on my blue quilt.   Have  a problem with not enough fabric and can't find any more so i may  rework part of it to make it work.     Want take me long , it's just moving some blocks.  maybe i will have a finish for tomorrow.  If not i can always claim my flimsy for a finish.  But i don't think they are finished until you can put them on a bed.  This one is quilt as you go. But instead of just doing blocks and did parts of the quilt and them put them together.  So far it works very well.
  We went to take care of some things but all that's out their now is rain.  Suppose to turn to snow later 
today.  And be ice on the roads tomorrow , hope everyone is safe.   We are retired so we just want go anywhere.
Have a great sewing day.  Quilt Happy

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andsewon said...

Sorry you ran out of fabric. Sure it will be lovely though. We just got a dusting of snow here but very cold temps, teens later today. Been raining all week! Ready for some sunshine!