Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A flimsy!!!!!

Hi friends1
Beautiful day!
Its a flimsy!!!!!
All i have done today was try to hook a new router up and then found out my computer is to old!
The one i was using would just go off without warning. now  it  want work!!!!!
Guess i will send this one back and see what i can get that does work.
I will be down to one computer for a while.
I added borders and made it wide enough so that maybe Eli want pull it off of Kari.
I was going to sandwich it today but have wasted my whole day playing with that!!!
Have a great day.
 whole lot better then mine.
Talk to you tomorrow
Quilt happy


Rosa said...

Sure she will love it.Machine or handquilting?Happy quilting!!

Needled Mom said...

It's a beauty.

Miss Holly said...

Oh ..I hate it when I get pulled into an hours long unwanted project!!!
I love this quilt.....
I'm doing an alphabet embroidery and curtains....

andsewon said...

A hunter's delight!!! They will love it! Good job!

Debbie Keltner said...

That's beautiful.