Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Found some Orange!!!

Hi friends!
Beautiful but cold!!!
My Orange fabric to go with this quilt.
Tommy called the Dr,s office 3 times before he could get to talk to the person that left us a message this morning.
But maybe he is all set to go and get his eyes 'measured'
Don't know what that means but we will see.
He was all set to call and cancel the surgery because he couldn't get in touch with them.
I had to remind him that he can't see after dark!!!
He wants to get to working on his tree he had cut down but it's just to cold to work out side when you have COPD.
I think I am going to put borders on this quilt this afternoon, got the battening for it yesterday and keep digging in my stash until I think I have a binding for Eli's and Kari's quilt.
Have a great sewing day friends!
Quilt Happy   

1 comment: said...

I love digging through my stash until I find just the right fabric. Unfortunately for me most of the time it isn't enough. LOL