Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Great Grand

Hi friends!
Look what we have!!!!!!
He was early , weighs 4lb sand 6 ounces but is breathing fine.
As his granddaddy said he has all his fingers and toes.
They, the grandparents, came over here last night after they sent her home for bed rest but when they got home there was a message from Katie , they got to the hospital just in time.
He looks big here but isn't .
I was waiting to blog till she posted some pictures.
He is beautiful!!!!
Have a great weekend friends.
Quilt happy


laurajane said...

He's beautiful Babs.congrats to all.xx

Miss Holly said...

so happy for all of you!! what a beautiful baby!!!

sewyouquilt2 said...

congrats! glad all is well. I was a 4 lb preemie too. you would never know it to look at me now ha ha

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats to your whole family - he looks so little but so cute. said...

He may be small but he looks nice and healthy. What a cutie. Congrats!

Rosa said...

Congratas to all.He is adorable!

Marit Johanne said...

He is so cute! Congratulations!

Swedish Scrapper said...

Congratulations on your new great grand! He looks like a fighter!!