Friday, March 21, 2014


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I started quilting Eli's and Kari's quilt yesterday!  I thought leaves would be good on 'camo'
I worked on it a while and then we had company.

Our company!!! Lola was running a fever so they just stayed a little while and went on to the DR office.
She couldn't stand the flash.
We took her temp and they took her on.
MY sweet grand babies!@!!
Have a great sewing day friends..
Quilt happy


Rosa said...

Happy quilting.The little ones are adorable.-have a great weekend!!

laurajane said...

Hope baby is soon feeling better Babs.xx said...

Poor baby, hope she starts to feel better!

Jen said...

Poor bubba, Grandies are so precious.
Happy sewing week.