Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend sewing

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I decide to go with the green on this and made a picture but can't find it so will show you tomorrow.

I quilted this yesterday and put on the binding.
that 'mess' in the chair is my salvage that i have been sewing together to make fabric.
This is of the quilting , got my Brother out to do this.  Love that machine.
My hubby is taking out our hot water heater and it's hard to blog when he calls me all the time. He used to work in maintiance so he is used to having some one run and get things for him!!!
Going to have to get a new one i am sure and need new tires on my car, it's always something!!!!
Have a great sewing  day friends.
Quilt happy


Betty W said...

Quilt looks so pretty. I know what you mean when Hubby works and he is always asking you for help or something. Worth it though.

Lorette Cole said...

Nice quilt! If your hubby is able and capable to do that work, instead of calling and paying a plumber, then you are a lucky lady! Encourage him in all those projects! :) said...

LOL I do that with my husband too. It is amazing they get anything to do without you there. I thought that I was the only one that can never get anything accomplished with him around.