Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Problems with sewing machine

HI friends!
Beautiful but cold with a snow flake here and there!!!
I got all my stars sewed together and got some orange to border it with today!
And battening of course to put it all together but one thing I didn't write down and forgot to get was binding for the camo quilt.
Oh  well!
   I will get it tomorrow because we have to go back to town then.
We had to go to Rome today to get parts for the chain saw and tiller.
The more toys you have the more brakes down.  Tommy can fuss at what I spend but he is a close second just keeping all his stuff going and when springs get here and all summer he buys gas every week.
This past weekend I was quilting The", camo" quilt and my  quilting presser foot moved and now it has a broken needle stuck in it!!
I finished quilting it on my Janome but looks like I am going to have to buy another one of these.  It's a long shank and the one on the Janome is short shanked.
Buy the way I finally got the laptop to let me post pictures.
Have a great sewing day friends.
 Quilt happy


Chatty Crone said...

Sorry your foot and needle. How expensive are they?

laurajane said...

Quilt looks good,love the colours.x

Barb said...

Sorry for your machine woes!! said...

I have an inexpensive quilting presser foot that I bought and kind of altered. I think it only cost about $7.

Joanna said...

Now that's a different kind of problem on a machine. Nice to have a back up machine.