Friday, March 28, 2014

Stars Quilt And baby news

Hi friends!!!
Cloudy day!
This is the backing for the stars quilt, it even has orange in it!!  I know it looks red but trust me it's orange.

Here she is all sprayed and pinned.
I will  straight line quilt it since I can't use my quilting foot.  I could do it on my Janome but don't want to visit the repair man right now!! I checked on the price of a quilting foot and they are like 35 $
Just have to do with out until I can find one cheaper.
This was when I first started spraying and pinning on my table that I drug into the house, don't like to do that so I am going to have to spend some time clearing the back porch now before I have to spray another.
Good news or not Katie is in the hospital going into Labor and they are trying to stop her because she would be 7 weeks early, My daughter in love did that 21 years ago and Michael is in Old Miss right now.  Michael was 7 weeks early too.  Prayers for Katie and Bentley, please.
Sometimes all they do to stop labor doesn't work when God wants that baby here right now!!!
Have a really good sewing day friends and think of me cleaning the back porch.
Quilt happy


sewyouquilt2 said...

heres hoping that all turns out well with the baby. it is scary when they come early.
your star quilt looks nice and the backing is perfect

Rosa said...

Hope things are going very well with the the baby.Happy quilting! said...

Oh I hate cleaning and cleaning a porch just does not sound like any fun at all. Hope everything goes well for mamma and the baby. My great grandmother used to say the same thing babies come in their own time.

Jen said...

Star quilt is lovely Barbara and the backing will suit great.
Hope mother and baby are well and you get the porch cleaned.

Needled Mom said...

Saying prayers that they can keep that wee one in a bit longer.

laurajane said...

Beautiful quilt Babs.Prayers for mum and baby,John-Junior was 7 weeks early.
Its a worrying time but she's in the right