Saturday, March 15, 2014


Hi friends!
I have been all kinds of lucky lately!
I won these from 'sew sisters' quilt shop from    HERE  from 'a quarter inch from edge'
she is a great quilter and teaches school, don't know how she has the time!!!
I won this  'Uncommonly Corduroy' from from Cathy of  biglakequilter a  ebook

I got these from Linda Micke from Texas, won one of these from her a while back and figured she was one of the emails i lost when i changed email providers and that she had sent it to some one else but got the sweetest note with 4 of these little Riley Blake Hexi prints with her note.
She had not forgotten!!!
I won this magazine from Jeansquilting page Here

I have already picked out some patterns to try.
I won this from Kari at freshcutquilts
I intend to make a cute baby quilt with this . Want that be a great quilt?
Last but not least i won this ufo from Barbara of Pinelandtreasures
A great big thanks you to all these wonderful people for all those great things that i couldn't have gottn my self on a retired living.
. Have a great sewing weekend friends.
Quilt happy

9 comments: said...

What fun wins! Enjoy especially since it is Worldwide quilting Weekend.

Dawn Castrova said...

Congrats on all your wins. I won my first GYB party and winning seems to get you energized and enthused to be creative and join in more party fun. Or at least it has for me. Lucky is the March season of course since the luck of the Irish is the symbolism of the Month. So I wish for you that pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.

BillieBee (billiemick) said... are on a roll.

Chatty Crone said...

You are always lucky!

andsewon said...

Congrats to the luckiest gal in blog land these days!!! Have fun with all your goodies!!!!

Love Of Quilts said...

What luck ! Congrats to you.

Margaret said...

Congrats on all your winnings.

KatieQ said...

That's a great haul. Lots of lovely things to work with. Hopefully, you're on a lucky streak and it will keep up.

Gosia @ Quilts My Way said...

Wow!!! Congratulations, Barbara!!! You are the lucky Lady :)